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THE Rise of E-Wallet Online Casino in Malaysia | free credit casino 2023

e-wallet online casino malaysia

E-Wallet Casino Malaysia

The fastest-growing payment gateway trends, E-Wallet Online Casino are now available at UEA8! As the world is being digitized, payment transactions and transfers have never been more straightforward. 

As the mainstream of going cashless is realizing, the ease of reloading and method of reloading with UEA8 system becomes easier. Purchase, transfer and receive, our society is normalizing the habit of doing all transactions via e-wallet. It’s no longer a surprise if your e-wallet total money is more than what you have in your bank.


  1. Touch ‘n Go
  2. GrabPay
  3. ShopeePay
  4. Boost
  5. WeChat Pay
  6. Ali Pay




With our advanced technology, it’s not unusual for people to bring only their phones and not wallets. What’s more, most major e-wallet platforms allow us to transfer the money we have inside our e-wallet to our physical bank and withdraw the money. As your e-wallet is always saved inside your phone, you can conveniently deposit your money into our platform without remembering your bank details.

What’s more, you can quickly help others to deposit your money into their UEA8 by sharing your phone number and code and not having to risk all your money in your bank savings accounts.


Coincidentally, e-wallets help reduce burglaries as people carry less cash in their bags or body. But most importantly, e-wallets help reduce scammers getting your bank details. With the rise of the online scammer, it is very crucial for users to beware of where to store and put their bank details.

As mentioned through governmental news, apps store your credit card details and sell them to third parties. Now with the use of e-wallets, users don’t have to key in their bank details to the platform and can use deposits via Touch’n Go or other e-wallet platforms for more security and safety.


We currently do not have a system that allows our users to deposit with their credit cards. However, you can still top up with a credit card by using the e-wallet benefit. You can link and select your credit card to reload your e-wallet and proceed to deposit with your e-wallet at UEA8.

This can also help you earn cashback and other benefits from the bank. More importantly is that we do not need to save your credit card details so that you can deposit and play without a worry and just win.

Malaysians' Favorite E-Wallet Online Casino - UEA8

UEA8 and e-wallet are just one of the few additions that we make to allow users to enjoy more on our platform. There are many others addition that UEA8 made for the user, such as the ease of playing via mobile application, plentiful of promotions (Welcome Bonus, Daily Rebate, Reload Bonus, Rescue Bonus & etc) and a reputable collection of games from slot casinos (918kiss, Pragmatic Play, Spadegaming, Joker, Mega888 & etc) to live casino likes Evo Gaming, Microgaming, Dream Gaming, Sexy Baccarat and many more.

There are still many other notable games you can enjoy, such as sports betting, e-sports betting, lottery and many more. Come and explore our official page at UEA8 for an enjoyable time and win.

E-wallet Slots Malaysia

Jackpot, aka Slot Gaming. Probably the most transaction game for casinos. As the minimum bets are small, slot games can be quick to get the jackpot or take a long time to win. That’s why players don’t stop when playing slot until they earn or win back their deposit money, as the longer you play the return will be higher.

For players to keep going and play slot, they need to deposit fast into their account and that’s why e-wallets are player choice. With their selected e-wallets, the player can deposit their money into the UEA8 platform quickly, anytime, anywhere. As NO.1 ewallet casino in Malaysia, UEA8 provides the most completed selection of slot games and e-wallet payment methods to players to enjoy hassle free slot gaming experiences.

E-wallet Casino Malaysia - Live Casino

The report is everything for playing at the casino. Control your bet amount and record your winning, making you a successful winner in the long term. The ease of reporting and controlling your finances is the benefit of e-wallets, as you can easily access your account statement without logging in to your bank account. Accessing your statement easily can help you control your betting budget so you can make safe betting all the time without much risk.

The best part is that you can set the maximum amount of top-up to your e-wallets, as there is a limit on how much you can put in your account. You can always have a steady win or deposit daily to our platform to get more wins.

Is E-Wallet safe for online gambling?

Yes. E-wallet is completely safe for online gambling as it is integrated via authorized payment gateway by e-wallet provider officially. And your transaction and account is fully encrypted and secured with the payment gateway.

How to top up my online casino account with e-wallet?

1. Register an account at online casino which provides e-wallet options (eg: UEA8).
2. Go to ‘DEPOSIT’ page and choose ‘E-WALLET’ option.
3. Select your preferred E-Wallet.
4. Fill in your phone number which registered your e-wallet account.
5. Insert your OTP.

What is the minimum & maximum deposit amount by e-wallet?

It varies on which online casino you choose. The minimum maximum deposit amount by using e-wallet in UEA8 is RM50 and the maximum is RM50,000.

Can I make deposit via e-wallet with my credit cards?

Yes. You may top up your e-wallet account with your credit card, after that make a deposit with your e-wallet account.

What are the available e-wallet options for online casino?

You can find Touch ‘n Go, GrabPay, ShopeePay and Boost e-wallet options in UEA8 online casino.

How to get free credit from E-Wallet Online Casino in Malaysia?

1. Register an account at UEA8.
2. Press ‘REWARDS’ in the menu bar.
3. Go to ‘LUCKY-U’ free spin to get your free credit up to RM88 EVERYDAY!