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How To Bet Better While Playing Lottery?

We came in contact with some of the most experienced players on UEA8 Online Casino Asia – QQKeno and they shared some basic tips that increased their winnings successfully. 

LOTTERY TIPS 1: Consider operators with High payouts

As a professional player who are experienced with QQKeno, this tip may appear to be a fundamental knowledge to know. At QQKeno, players are allowed to choose up to 20 numbers for betting. This platform will then draw the twenty numbers from eighty available numbers.

If you choose more numbers, the progression will increase. For instance, if you guess 15 numbers correctly then you will receive a pay out 10,000 to one. So, advisably you should choose the best pay-outs whilst playing QQKeno.

LOTTERY TIPS 2: Test play the QQKeno with their free trials available

When considering the simplicity of QQKeno, players often jump head into the game without getting familiar with how it works. As a result, they will end up losing significantly. Whether it is QQkeno or any other online casino games, players should make use of their free trial mode if they are available whenever you are trying out a new game for the first time. Furthermore, using the free trial mode, it will help in getting familiarised with the games.

LOTTERY TIPS 3: Choose between four and eight numbers

Another QQKeno strategy is to choose a low number of numbers. QQKeno allows players to select as many as twenty numbers. However, you need to consider how many numbers you can guess correctly.

It is understandably, that by choosing many numbers bring huge rewards. This is because by choosing many numbers will increase your chances of choosing more correct numbers. But there is a crucial point to keep in mind is that payout usually differs by the amount of numbers chosen overall. It is only recommendable to choose more number if a progressive jackpot is linked to the QQKeno game. So, choosing between four to eight number is your best bet.

LOTTERY TIPS 4: Select the consecutive digits or cold number

If you are sceptical about the numbers to choose, this keno tip is for you. Advisably you should select numbers that follow each other. Understandably, choosing cold numbers may not be the best keno strategy, but it is worth considering. Remember that before you can use cold numbers, you need to select a platform that shows the most drawn numbers and the least drawn platform.

LOTTERY TIPS 5: Only Play at a reputable casino

The last vital information when it comes to winning QQ Keno is to consider a reliable casino. Several platforms are available online when it comes to offer lottery games. However, not all of them are trustworthy. For these reasons, players are advised to only play on renowned platforms in order to have a memorable and fun gaming experience. As such, UEA8 Singapore is certified trusted online casino which provides QQ Keno and we ensure that you will have a satisfying experience and we will ensure that our players will not be cheated by an unfair random generator machine or any scams.

UEA8 E-Wallet Online Casino Asia always upholds a professional standard with absolutely no discrimination or biases as such we only serve the best choices and options to our players. As such, we provide standard fair casino rules and regulations. In other words, all legitimate wins are 100% guaranteed with an instant withdrawal option. Furthermore, our gameplay algorithms are met under the standard guidelines of Singapore’s Online Gambling Industry and therefore there is no absolutely no room for biases or discrimination.

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