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Now you can collect U-Coins & Enjoy Non-Stop Rewards

UEA8 finally presents UEA8Rewards! UEA8Rewards is an exclusive benefit program that allow members to win and gain more perks when playing with us. In order to participate this programme, you will have to register to be a UEA8 member.

Now you may ask what are some of the unique features you may get from UEA8Rewards. Well, allow us to explain that all you have to do is claim and collect U-Coins & spend them in UEA8Rewards to redeem amazing rewards. Fairly simple right?
Now, we will break it down for you step by step on how to claim your U-Coins and how to participate in UEA8Rewards.

Here is how you can participate in UEA8Rewards

  1. You have to deposit the minimum amount of funds into your UEA8 Wallet in order to collect the U-Coins.
  2. Once you make the deposit, go to UEA8REWARDS from our Betting site.
  3. You can choose your preferred rewards program (in which we will be mentioning the programs are below).
  4. Spend the U-Coins on your preferred programs to redeem rewards.
  5. You can claim your rewards from 24/7 Customer Service via Live Chat.

UEA8Rewards Program 

  1. Lucky-U (Free Spins)
  2. Lucky-U (Premium Spin)
  3. 4D4U
  4. U-Mall

U-Coin Entitlement

One-Time Deposit Amount 


Every SGD 300


Every SGD 1,500


* The U-Coins entitlement is according to the deposit amount of SINGLE transaction.


Deposit Amount

Number of U-Coins

Makes 2 deposit for SGD 150 each

0 U-Coins

Deposit SGD 300 in a single transaction

1 U-Coin

Deposit SGD600 in a single transaction

2 U-Coins

First deposit SGD 900; Second deposit SGD 600

3 U-Coins & 2 U-Coins

Deposit SGD 1,500 in a single transaction

6 U-Coins

Deposit SGD 2,000 in a single transaction

7 U-Coins (6 + 1 U-Coins)

Deposit SGD 3,000 in a single transaction

12 U-Coins (6 + 6 U-Coins)

Prize Details

Lucky-U (free spins) 



Other Terms

SGD1 Free Credit


Max. Withdrawal SGD1

SGD2 Free Credit


Max. Withdrawal SGD2

SGD 5 Free Credit


Max. Withdrawal SGD 5

SGD188 Free Credit


Max. Withdrawal SGD188

SGD28 Extra Bonus


Deposit minimum SGD30 to get 28 Extra Bonus

(Claim before transfer credit to game wallet)

SGD88 Extra Bonus


Deposit minimum SGD100 to get 88 Extra Bonus

(Claim before transfer credit to game wallet)

1 U-Coins

– – 

5% Bonus


Deposit minimum SGD30 to get 25% Bonus Max. Bonus SGD100

(Claim before transfer credit to game wallet)

Vivo Y76 5G



Lucky-U (premium spin): 



Other Terms

SGD2 Free Credit


NO Withdrawal Limit

SGD10 Free Credit


NO Withdrawal Limit

SGD88 Free Credit


NO Withdrawal Limit

SGD888 Free Credit


NO Withdrawal Limit

SGD8,888 Free Credit


NO Withdrawal Limit

10% Bonus


Deposit minimum SGD30 to get 10% Bonus Max. Bonus SGD300

50% Bonus


Deposit minimum SGD30 to get 50% Bonus; Max Bonus SG300

*(Claim before transfer credit to game wallet)

100% Bonus


Deposit minimum SGD30 to get 100% Bonus Max. Bonus SGD300

*(Claim before transfer credit to game wallet)

3 U-Coins

8 U-Coins

Grab Voucher Worth SGD50

DeSpace Star X-Massage Chair







First Prize

SGD 5,088 Cash

Second Prize

SGD 1,888 Cash

Third Prize

SGD 888 Cash

Special Prize

SGD 288 Cash

Consolation Prize

SGD 50 Grab Voucher

Terms & Condition: 

  1. This event is only open to all UEA8 members.
  2. This event is applicable to all games except 918 Kiss, MEGA888, QQKeno, Arcade, Non-live table games, and non-slot games.
  3. Members must achieve a x1 valid betting turnover in order to entitle U-Coin, otherwise U-Coin will be forfeited.
  4. Members are eligible to get U-Coins while claim any other rebates or promotions unless it is stated otherwise by UEA8.
  5. The amount of deposit to entitle U-Coins must exclude any rebates you received, or any sort of promotion bonus.
  6. All rewards must be redeemed in 7 days before it expires.
  7. Members are only permitted to exchange their gifts or any physical item they won for betting credits (80% of the retail price).
  8. UEA8 shall not be responsible for, and shall not be liable for, any type of technical failure, management, intervention in the process, interference/electronic or human error or the website performing transaction in any way.
  9. UEA8 reserves the right to choose to bar any participants who are not eligible for this event throughout the campaign and replace those un-eligible participants with other eligible participants.
  10. All matters  in relation to this campaign including prizes and winners are finalized. UEA8 will not accept any correspondence, protests, or appeals regarding the matter.
  11. Members who wish to claim their rewards are required to submit a valid verification information like registered phone number and email address.
  12. Upon receiving and accepting the Grab Gift Card collection link, UEA8 has the right to not be responsible or compensating any failure to collect, use or exchange the gift card by Grab. If there is any issue with the Grab’s Gift Card, member will have to contact Grab Customer Service for inquiries.
  13. Provided all of the logistics and postal procedures are completed, members will then receive a shipment status of the gift to track your gift and UEA8 will not be responsible for any damage to the product during delivery.
  14. The bonus will be valid for seven (7) days after issuance unless stated otherwise. If the requirements are not met within the given time, the rewards won will be deleted from the player’s designated UEA8 wallet.
  15. Members are only allowed to use one account per person, one per household, per residential address, IP address, email address, phone number, credit or debit card, and/or electronic payment account or shared computer (e.g. school, public library or workplace).
  16. Per reward cannot be used in conjunction with any other UEA8 rewards/promotions.
  17. Unless stated otherwise, if a participant is caught violating rules and regulations of this campaign, all of their U-coins and rewards will be reset and their membership will be disqualified.
  18. UEA8 reserves the right to change, cancel, suspend, or terminate this campaign and/or change the terms of the offer at any time without prior notice.
  19. All participating members must accept and abide to all of the terms and conditions above as well as all of the relevant rules and regulations being set forth by UEA8.
  20. All the general terms and conditions of UEA8 will also apply.

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