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eBET Casino

eBET Casino

About EBET

EBET was founded in 2012 and was considered as Asia’s first leading supplier of mobile iGaming. Our core mission is to design intuitive and interactive live gaming experiences that are customized for all mobile users. EBET is trusted by millions of players throughout Asia, EBET is an award-winning product that fully supports PC, H5, MAC, iOS and Android.

Well, you may ask what makes EBET stand out? The company constantly come up with ways to improve on these. The first you will notice is that they have added a host of Asian table games to the catalogue of usual suspects of roulette and baccarat. Games like Bull Bull, Dragon Tiger and even specialities such as Fortune Wheel offer something that is not widely available via other producers. The Technology they use is always being improved, whether that is the mobile compatibility, user interface or back-end solutions.

Finally, this company is licensed in the Philippines and they operate their studios from the same location. In order to make sure their brand is trustworthy and secure they have obtained necessary certifications from Gaming Lab.

Games Offered By EBET

As an avid baccarat gamer, the company offers a comprehensive list of variations and table to bet on. They offer multiple games like; multi-table, baccarat, Dragon Bonus Baccarat, Roulette, Dragon Tiger, Sic Bo and Bull Bull.


EBET: Baccarat

Baccarat is a card game with a worldwide popularity. Likewise, in baccarat, players compare their hand to the banker’s hand, betting on whether the player’s or banker’s hand will have the highest value. It is also possible to bet on two hands resulting in a tie. Most of the time, ties pay out at 8:1, though some casinos offer 9:1 odd.

In baccarat, each card has a point value; twos through nines are worth their face value, tens and royals have no point value and aces are worth a single point. Each hand’s value is determined by the rightmost digit of the sum of the hand’s cards. The traditional baccarat game is played with an eight-deck shoe and banker wins are paid out 0.95:1. If either the player or banker is dealt a total of eight or nine then both hands stand. Or the player’s total is 5 or less than they receive another card before standing. Likewise, if the player stands then the banker hits once on a total of five or less.


EBET: Roulette

eBet has unveiled the latest addition to their growing portfolio of Live Casino products. Players can now bet with an automated real-time roulette guaranteeing a faster game completion and 100% error free.

Speed Roulette Live features a fast paced, fully automated version of the original live roulette… except with no dealer! Instead, the ball is automatically released into the spinning with a capability of 60-80 rounds per hour, spinning 24 hours a day in a live environment.

Just like any other live casino products provided by eBET, Speed roulette is playable and can be supported across all desktop and mobile devices. What’s more is that this game is supported in 15 languages and more to come.


EBET: Live Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a simplified version of a baccarat that only use two cards. A conventional baccarat, players bet on whether the banker (Dragon) card or player (Tiger) card will have a higher value, or if the values of both hands will be the same, resulting in a tie. Unlike conventional baccarat, tens and royal cards do not have a value of zero but instead follow their face ranks, with aces being the lowest. Dragon Tiger have optional side bets on whether the Dragon and Tiger will have equal value and suit; these bets are possible but very rare.


EBET: Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a dice game originated from China. This game uses 3 dice and the players must place bets on the outcome of the dice rolls, with a number of possible bets available. Specific Triple bets pay out when a specific face value that was bet upon is found on all three dices, whilst Any Triple bets pay out regardless of the specific value of the dice long as they all match. Big/Small bets pay out when the sum of the face values of all three dice falls within a range of 11 – 17 for Big bets or 4 – 10 for Small bets; Big/Small bets lose if any triple is rolled.

One Die bets pay out when a specific face value that was bet upon shows up on at least one of the three dice, while Two Dice bets pay out when a specific face value shows up on at least one of the three dice. Two Dice Combination bets pay out when the roll results in two dice showing the predicted values (i.e., a three and a five). Sum of points bets pay out when the total of the face values of all three dice taken together must match the number in the groups of values bet upon.


Live Bull Bull

Live Casino Bull Bull is a unique game that rarely appears in live casino portfolios. It is highly uncommon and pretty unknown towards the western gambling community. However, due to its Chinese origins thus making it less surprising for the Asian audience. Bull Bull otherwise known as Niu Niu or bullfight, is an engaging card game. The main characteristics of Bull Bull or at least the ones that people usually point out are the face-paced rounds and exhilarating gameplay. Now for people who are new to Bull Bull, you may be wondering what or how to play this game.

How to Play Bull Bull?

Well in Bull Bull, there is one banker and three players. Before any cards are being dealt out, bets must be made. Participants can choose to place two side bets – equal and double. When the round starts, the dealer will then distribute 5 cards to every player and the banker. The 5-card hands must be ranked and compared to determine the payouts. The ranking system may seem a little confusing but once you play a couple of times, you will get the hang of it.