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About M8Bet

Sports bettors from Asia and across the globe have access to M8BET bookie through UEA8. All a sports bettor will need is a mobile device, or desktop with a stable internet connection to access the platform. Bettors from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, etc. Favors using M8BET bookie through the UEA8 platform to make bets on sports games and online casino games.

M8BET was founded in 2012 and they are leading bookmaker, famous amongst Asian players where they can find an M8BET agent in Asia countries. They offer more than 5000 in-play brandishing occasions each week including soccer, football, basketball, baseball, Ice Hockey, Volleyball and etc. From major football associations to provincial football occasions. Some of the features of M8Bet is that players can access to several betting events, multiple betting markets, and bonuses.

Bettors in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, etc love using M8BET bookie through the rescue bet platform to make bets on a sports game.

UEA8 - NO.1 Authorized Agent of M8BET

UEA8, the well-known e-wallet online casino in Asia provides a relaxed atmosphere for you to bet on M8bet. Instead of playing in noisy casinos, virtual casinos give players the opportunity to choose whatever environment they choose. Imagine yourself in a crowded casino and those provocative eyes of rivals are watching you and trying to intimidate you with every move. 

Also, when these loud players kick you out of the game and then increase the unwanted tension, is it a good idea to eliminate such distractions and play at your own pace later? When playing online casinos, players do not have the elements to put them in bad shape. For most people, playing in a casino or gambling with a bad mind can lead to big losses. 

What makes UEA8 stand out than the rest:

Partnered with licensed Providers

We only partnered with the best and top online casino providers in Asia to give you an authentic gameplay. 

multiple payment method

Choose either Cryptocurrency, e-wallet or online banking to deposit your funds. All transactions will be safe and 100% encrypted. 

Self-Deposit Method

Funds will be credited to your UEA8 wallet automatically  without contacting customer support.

Friendly Customer Service 

Our customer service is always available 24/7, 365 days and is ready to serve all of our customer whenever they encounter trouble. 


Check in with us everyday and claim your daily free spin and redeem great prizes. You can also use the daily ticket to buy toto number from Asia Pools. 

Withdraw Less than 2 Minutes 

The withdrawal is simple and efficient. We take precautionary steps and procedure to ensure money is handed to you safely and within the shortest amount of time. 

Lucrative Bonuses & Promotions  

UEA8 gives out generous amount of promotion and up to 150% bonuses to ensure you win a bigger and better profit. 

Fair Gameplay Algorithm 

Our gaming algorithm is under the Standard Gambling Industry to ensure all games are fair and fun for everyone. 

M8BET - Your Reliable Sports Betting Provider

Most people fell in love with the modern and player-friendly site that is easily accessible. A good site is always a site where players are keen to play and is confident that they will earn back a profit. A good online casino focuses on and will try to fulfil your wishes in enhancing the casino gameplay in their leisure time. 

Modern gambling facilities are accessible at mobile casinos in the recent years thus making Asian gamblers world wide satisfied.

UEA8 is proud to bring you M8Bet, a leading Asian Trusted Online Sportsbook betting company in Asia. All a punter will need is a monbile device or desktop with a stable internet connection to access the platform. Bettors in Asia should favor using M8bet bookie through UEA8 to make bets on sports games and online casino games. 

M8bet was founded in 2012 as an Asian sportsbook to provide punters with competitive football betting markets. 

4 Benefits of Betting on M8BET

M8BET links its players to over 800 live sports events daily. As such UEA8 sports bettors can choose to make a wager on sports event provided M8, e.g., World Cup, Euro Cup, English Premier League and more.


As a sports bettor in Asia, you are blessed with a wide selection you can choose from at M8bet. We have a huge variety of sport events. 

Typically, you have at least 20 different types of sports to choose from between any given betting site, and – in the best case – this number can swell to 25 and 30+. There is over 800 live sport events daily. Bettors can make a wager on the World Cup, Euro Cup, Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Series A, Ligue 1 and the other popular matches and leagues across the world. Well, let’s take a look at some of the most popular betting markets for Asian punters in turn.

A. Football

Football is the most popular betting market in Asia by a distance, as it is in many countries around the world. Its not surprising, therefore to discover that football enjoy universal coverage among modern betting sites.

Respectable bookie like M8Bet will let you bet on all of the major domestic, continental and international football competitions. Most also cover lower-league fare, and – better still – all of these should be available to bet on both pre-match and in-play.

B. Horce Racing

Like other countries, horse racing is the second-most popular market to bet on in Asia. It is slightly more difficult to license than other sports, meaning coverage is less widespread, but plenty of off-shore bookies still let you wager on the ‘sports of kings’. Be sure to always check in advance, however that a particular brand covers the countries or races you want to wager on. You may also want to ensure that each-way bets are available, as well as regular race winner picks.

C. Basketball

Basketball is another popular betting market in Asia, as in many countries. The vast majority of brands will allow you to wager with it; not just the NBA but other competitions like Eurobasket. Try to find a bookie here which supports the three main forms of betting; pre-match, live, and outright. Basketball lends itself well to each. All of them offers a different blend of risk and rewards.

D. Golf

Golf also enjoys excellent coverage on M8bet in Asia. You won’t find as much variety in betting types here as with football, but there is still a decent amount of choice. If you are inexperienced in-play better, golf is a particularly a good market to start out with thanks to its slow-paced nature.

E. Atheletics

Athletics might be the least famous betting market on the list, but it is extremely popular in Asia. it actually covered by the vast majority of top sports betting sites. You will generally be limited to straight-up ‘event winner’ picks here, but all major competitions across Asia, Europe and elsewhere in the world should be represented and a wide range of disciplines will invariably be covered.

F. Others

If the sports you are interested in do not fret cause most often than not, M8Bet also offer minor sports betting services as well.  

Some of them are badminton, boxing, tennis, powerlifting, ping pong and etc. Check out M8Bet on UEA8 today. 

Benefit 2: FAIR ODDS

By playing with M8BET through UEA8, you will get fair odds. In the narow sense of this term, the estimation of a draw or the victory of one team in the match in a betting shop, on the basis of which bookmakers make the bets. M8Bet always ensure that all of their odds are fair towards their bettors thus enjoying their experience when they bet for their favourite team or players. 



Punters will have access to betting markets such as Asian Handicap, 1×2 betting markets, over or under, double chance, parlay, correct score, mix parlay, and more. Punters will be able to bet on sporting events every day from across the globe before a match or an in-game bet in sports such as football, hockey, tennis and basketball.

Avid slot lovers will have access to several M8bet slot games from lesser-known leagues such as the ISL, the Malaysia Premier League or even a match between Iowa State and Texas Longhorns.


By playing M8bet on UEA8, you will experience a user-friendly interface where you can manovouer easily around the website even if you are new around here. M8bet has a very simple layout hence it is not confusing to navigate through their site. Furthermore, it is also easy to find what game you are looking for because the the catalogue on wich sports do you want to bet on is listed on the menu which will be ready for you to choose from. 

Tips to play and win bigger while betting Sports on M8BET site

All players with an array of expectations for profitable casino gameplay activities should take note of the latest updates of the m8bet mobile casino right now. UEA8 provides certain guidelines and steps on how to bet better while betting on sports.

There must be crystal clear details on the types of sports betting available and suggestions in order to gamble in professional ways. As a player with an expectation in gaining a profit through sports betting, you can participate in the number 1 Sports betting gambling agency and use the guidelines that can guide you whilst gambling. You will also get exceptional assistance on how to make a profit out of it. Furthermore, there are also tricks and tips that can help you minimise your mistakes while you are betting on sports.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, it is possible to make money while betting on sports. However, we must be clear that it is no walk in the park in order to be profitable while betting on sports. Even the best professional sports bettors still lose wagers regularly. What’s important is to develop a sports betting and bankroll strategy so that you give yourself the best chance to make money over the long haul of your sports betting career.

You will never have to worry about the games and products being biased because as the most trusted online casino, all of our products are fair and there is no room for discrimination. All of our providers are licensed and are professional, the same goes for us. All the games, including M8BET provides fair play to maximize entertainment and fun for all our players.

Despite the M8BET being licensed, the site is still being restricted in the make of gambling. For instance, In India only a few states are allowed for betting. This means that people from other states would not be able to access. It depends on the country and their laws and regulations However, M8BET is legal in Southeast Asia.

M8bet Sportsbook features has some of the highest payouts among all the online sportsbook for live betting. Higher pay-outs incentivize bettors to bet with a particular platform and makesure (or higher) bets to win more. Several sportsbook have a lower payouts as a higher payout would impact their profitability margin. 

Punters will have access to multiple betting markets within a betting event, such as a game, league. round or tournament. Punters can take advantage of numerous betting markets with some of the best and most competitive odds.