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JILI slot games are predominately aimed at the Asian iGaming market. However, this software provider is hoping to go worldwide – making their title available in a variety of different countries and languages. Ambition and innovation are at the heart of everything that the development team at JILI does.

A Real Visionary in iGaming

JILI is the most popular slot game brand and is suitable for players for all ages. It is easy to play and be solved. The more often you play this game and the more addictive you are to it. The most interesting slot games are all from JILI. All you have to do is register for membership and play JILI from UEA8, then you are good to go. These games will heavily entertain you and help you earn a big profit from it at the same time.

Furthermore, you shouldn’t miss out on chances to get new experiences in JILI especially the newly-developed slot games that owns excellent art effects and attractive gaming methods. JILI has features that are extremely player-friendly, which will provide the best gaming and entertainment experience. It will thus add more pleasure to the games comparing to the old one.

JILI Slot Games


Types of slot games available in JILI

JILI slot games are popular amongst players right now as they are easy to play and win. The gameplay combines with the classical slot machine elements with a more innovative game design, such as HD animations, engaging themes and immersive soundtracks will ensure you to entrance in the game. The longer you play this game, the more addictive you are to it and more chance for you to win top prize.

The JILI slot games are developed with a storyline that have modern style, filled with culture background. JILI varied in different types of slots;

  • Classic Slots – It is a term that can be used got be describe as a type of video slot and slot machine.
  • Five-Reel Slots – 5-reel slots are basically additional two reels to a classic 3-reel games. With the additional rows added, this gives players a greater chance to hit more available pay lines.
  • Progressive Slots – Progressive slot machine take a tiny amount of every bet you make and add it to the jackpot prize.
  • Online Slots with mini games – otherwise known as interactive slots (i-slots) is basically slots followed by mini-games. By playing mini games, you get to advance the story by completing specific game modes, thus triggering the match bonus, scatter or special symbols.

Most Popular Slot Games from JILI

The games from JILI are one-of-a-kind, especially their slot games that has a rich gaming function that are very attractive to their players. Most of the rich gaming functions is the reason why gamblers are very attracted to playing games from JILI.

Most of the time players are busy with their daily lives and they rarely have time to relax in a real casino abroad. Hence the good news is that you can now bet and experience the most authentic e wallet online casino here at UEA8. Furthermore, you do not need to download any app or apk. Below will be the top three popular games from JILI;


1. Chin Shi Huang

The inspiration of this game comes from the Qin dynasty in Chinese history. Qin Shi Huang is the great emperor known by players around the world. The important characters in this game all have their own symbols such as WILD substitutes except for Bonus and the dragon symbols. Furthermore, if the Great Wall appear on 6 reels, then it will activate the Free Game. There are 4096 ways in the pay line from this game. In each round, there will be random chance of combo in each reel.


2. Charge Buffalo

It is one of the best games in JILI, the symbol of this slot game is presented as themes of big and strong beats like yellow bulls, big bears, wolves and golden deer. When the animation appears in the pay line, they will become motive instantly. The odds of this game are up to 4000 times. If you collect a three-scatter symbol, there will be free spin’s chance of 9, 15, 25 and 100 times.


3. Money Coming

Money Coming is a slot game of spinning 3 reels at a time, there will be three reels at the left side and one Lucky Wheel at the right side. Lucky Wheel is a special chance that helps gain prize money. This is a game that you will very likely to win. The more you bet, the more qualified you will be to gain the top prize. The least bet will be 1 SGD, but there is a chance that you could win greater prize money, thus making it popular amongst players.

JILI Poker


About Rummy

Rummy is one of the most played online card games right now. The theme surrounding the game is India and based on Indian culture. The gameplay is just as though you are playing a traditional Rummy game. Now, you may ask what is a rummy game? A rummy game is usually composed of 2-6 players. In India, this game is legal to play. When there is only 2 players play the game, then there will be 2 decks of playing cards (1 deck of 52 cards) are used. In JILI, you will be playing this game with virtual croupiers and strangers.

Game Mode

There are two main ways to play Rummy games; 13-card format and 21-card format. At the beginning of the game, each player will combine their own cards according to the format they play, so that the total number of cards in their hands can have the largest combined number. Whether it is traditional Rummy or Online Rummy, it is very popular.

JILI Fish Shooting and Arcade Games


If you want to have fun by playing fish shootings or arcade games, you should try out JILI. JILI is the hottest online fish shooting game in the world as it is quick and easy to shoot down a fish and the odds are even higher. Besides the famous slot game, JILI’s fish shooting game it also comes first to no one.

It has a complete functional system for players to enjoy. The gaming performance is as perfect as the games from JILI, especially popular ones like Bombing Fishing, Jackpot Fishing and Royal Fishing. If you are interested in trying out JILI’s fish shooting games then the three above are some of the most popular ones that players tend to enjoy. In the game, you get to choose a highly-destructive gun props to easily shoot down the big fish or other fish with a special bonus.  In addition, the odds are also very high. The odds are promoted for purpose of giving back to the supporting members of JILI. To those new players, this is a great chance to gain reward from online fishing.

Why JILI should be your go-to when you want to play online fishing

Well, the answer is really simple. The playing method is very simple; just shoot down fishes and you will earn points which will then be converted into money. However, be mindful that these fishes and sea creatures all differ in points, some fishes or sea creatures who are harder to shoot down will give you bigger points. The small and normal fishes will be easier to shoot thus giving you smaller points. If you want to win the jackpot through online fishing, you should reconsider. Our team done some research and these are the tips our players who have earned profit from this game in the past about techniques and skills.

  • Allocate your budget before you start playing. Always know when to stop playing the game when you have lost a certain amount of money, don’t be too greedy or you will lose more into the game. It is a game of chance, there will be days where you win big and there are days you will lose.
  • You should choose the game that has weapons that will kill fishes or sea creatures easily. By choosing a game that has weapons that will kill fishes easily will greatly help you with your gameplay on a large scale.
  • Always think twice before turning on the automatic shooting system. By turning on the automatic shooting system will allow your weapon to continuously shoot and this will consume many bullets that will not guarantee you a great outcome and rewards.
  • It is easier to collect points by going for the smaller fishes. When you gain a certain number of points by going after the smaller fishes then you can purchase a better weapon to help you shoot down bigger fishes for a better prize money.
  • Don’t shoot fishes that will quickly vanish from the screen. Some of the fishes could’ve been shot down by other players but remain alive. Furthermore, they may not be a bonus from the system.
  • You should only place bets of the finance that corresponds with your wallet. Choose the relating guns and bullet according to your budget.
  • Carefully research the odds of each fish before start your game. Each fishes have different odds therefore you should plan your budget properly before investing the bullets.

Top 3 Hottest Online Fishing Games in JILI

The online fish shooting game from JILI is viewed as some of the high odd rate game. Furthermore, it said by many players that the images and sound effects are in good quality. If you want to know more about the game, let our team introduce you to the three most popular fishing games in the world shown below.


1. Bombing Fishing

This is a new game, which has a different style and function comparing to other games. Even though it adopts the cartoon style, this makes the game lively and entertaining. The odds of the top prize are up to 1200 times, and there are three rooms to choose from according to the amount of money you bet. There are three types of rooms that has different type of betting amount; Happy Room, Dragon Room and Millionaire Room.


2. Jackpot Fishing

This is another popular game from JILI. When you dive deep into the ocean, there are 27 different types of fishes you can choose to shoot. There are also highly-destructive weapons like electrical guns to use. When the points have accumulated to a certain goal, then there will be 888 times of prize money paid in the Treasure box. In this game, you get to choose two rooms; including Millionaire Room and Millionaire Room VIP.


3. Royal Fishing

It owns many merits, which is no worse than that of the two mentioned above. It will bring you as many joy and entertainment when you play this game. Besides JILI, you will not see this kind of game in other places. The special point is that there are 30 kinds of fishes for you to shoot from. Furthermore, this game has 8 special functions for players to use, with odds up to 350 times.

Frequently Asked questions (FAQ)

Fish Shooting games are produced by JILI and regardless of whether the theme is fish, dragon or shooting sea creatures, these games have the same source of success and failure. They have been supervised and tested by third-party gaming agencies. All games uses randomized generated wins and losses. You will have a fair game in winning or lose, it will not affect your wins or loses.

Yes, you can trust your money with UEA8. At UEA8, we always try to cater all of our player’s needs and try to match with a wide range of player’s requirements. We try to reassure our players that you will never regret placing your trust and decision by betting with us. We provide a standard fair casino rules and regulations which caters to both operators and players. As such, we always prioritize our player’s comfort when playing our games.

Yes, despite the existence of a few unscrupulous companies, overall, the track record of online poker industry is pretty solid. JILI poker is unique in the sense that the game has a Indian theme. This is both eye-opening and user-friendly, with nice visuals and audio to keep you entertained. UEA8 only partnered with poker providers like JILI and they are certified and licensed as safe to play.

UEA8 tried to cater to our player’s needs and wide range of requirements. WE provide a standard fair casino rules and regulations. JILI Slots all have a high return to player percentage; you will be able to earn some profit when playing with our slots. Furthermore, all of JILI’s products gameplay algorithm are met under the standard guidelines of online gambling industry and therefore there will not be any room for biases or discrimination.