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About Spadegaming

Spadegaming is defined by the spirit of innovation, as an Asian-based company. Spade Gaming contains global culture and elements, especially our signature Asian-themed games that will fit perfectly on mobile a desktop platform with a stunning graphics and astonishing sound effects for endless enjoyment. With the latest acquisition of the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) license, Spadegaming is now able to extend its products and services to the gaming-entertainment industry in Europe. It is considered as one of the most popular slot games provider in Asia.

Offers Only The Highest Standards

As Spadegaming is a software provider we have no direct relationship with the players that play our games in our partner websites (operators). However, we believe that it is our responsibility to provide our partners all the necessary tools to create a safe and enjoyable environment wherever players choose to play our games. Most importantly, Spadegaming ensures that all of our games are developed to the highest standards and will be fully compliant in accordance to the requirements set out by the regulating bodies. this includes making sure our players are above the legal age. Above all, Spadegaming also ensures that all the game products are fair and will be helping our players to maintain a healthy gambling habits.

Spadegaming Slots And Demo

Most Online casinos never sleep and neither do Spadegaming. The company offers a 24/7 support thus enabling operators to troubleshoot any issues as they arise. Well, we are going to tell you exactly how good are spadegaming games are. To put it this way, the Asian software are extremely proud of their games, where they promise to deliver great experience, stunning visuals and amazing sound track as well as interactive gameplay. Progressive jackpots often developed along with multiplier symbols, innovative bonus games and shifting wilds that can substantially boost the player’s winnings.

Free spins or demo is to ensure you get to try out games you started to invest in them. Free spins are for players to ensure that you can increase your winning pots more.

Slots You Can Find On Spadegaming

From a player’s point of view, the only thing that matter is the quality of the games that Spadegaming produces. What makes them stand out better? Well, the first thing that distinguished them from the rest is the amazing graphics. They’re a colourful bunch, rendered in vivid hues but tastefully style, complete with a three-dimensional layering and intricate shadow effects. Whilst many deploy anime-style art, many more are rendered in a contemporary Western manner, as is the case with slots such as Soccer Mania. Another reason would be the various types of slot games offered.

Spadegaming - lucky meow

If you are a big fan of animals, pick a favourite creature, real or mythical, and you will find it in one of their animal-themed slots. Their slots are an electric and fascinating bunch, with names like Lucky Meow, FaFaFa, Drunken Jungle and Honey Hunter.

If you prefer westernised casino games and is tired of playing knock-offs of Caesar’s Palace and Pharoah’s Treasure, Spadegaming’s back catalogue will feel like a breath of fresh air. The team’s slot ranges from 5 lines to 50 or more, providing a multitude of ways to play and win.

Spadegaming - enhanted cleopstra

Lastly, if you prefer ancient civilization themes, there are plenty of games that will suit your taste. You can take a virtual trip back in time as you are free to play Konami slots such as Roman Tribune, or try Amatic slots like Book of Queen or Enchanted Cleopatra.

Spadegaming Fishing

There are many fishing games out there that will exchange real money as well as attractive gifts. As such the fish shooting games provided by Spadegaming is one of them. As such this arcade game is filled with stunning visuals and eye-catching features with constant updates to improve gaming experience.

Fishing Game: Fishing God

Spadegaming-fishing god Dragon king

In the depths of the mysterious ocean, lies the Dragon King who has big wealth beyond imagination. Brave explorers have travelled to the deepest parts of the ocean and found the Dragon King’s mansion, but it has been taken over. The Dragon King promised to reward any of those who help him to reclaim back his mansion by sharing his wealth. Become one of his brave explorers to help the Dragon King and earn big rewards and have the rights to be called the Fishing God today.

This game has multiple features:

  • It is a multiplayer arcade game that features more than 25 different fishes for players to hunt.
  • There are 3 gameplay levels for players for all levels ranging from beginners to experts.
  • Enjoy free Game mode with Firestorm’s rapid-fire cannon
  • Special-Crabs and jellyfish will give you bigger rewards.
  • The Dragon King’s Treasure and Golden Fortune Bag with high multipliers will appear randomly during the game.
  • We give bonus rounds for you to win extra rewards.

Fishing God was released on 3rd January 2020 and it is available to play on multiple platforms; Windows PC, iOS, Mac PC, HTML-5 and Android. It is also playable on multiple browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. Lastly it also supports multi languages like English, Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean and more.

Play Fishing God at UEA8 and become the Fishing God today!

Spadegaming-fishing war

Fishing Game: Fishing War

Immerse yourself into an underwater kingdom and shoot different kinds of fishes and underwater creatures for rewards. It delivers an exceptional arcade gaming that will have you at the edge of your seat. Fishing War is a combat arcade game with three levels awarding wonderful pay-outs to boost your gaming experience. Get ready to shoot the dragon by clicking the fire button for the big jackpot. With a 96.5% of a return to player pay-outs and a minimum bet of 0.01 credit.

  • Spadegaming always ensure that players have the best gaming experience. Fishing War is an arcade game with an exceptional gameplay where players will have to shoot various sea creatures for rewards.
  • Fishing War is set deep underwater and is highly animated game where you can see fishes swimming around the pool. Combined with exciting and pleasing to the eye colour combination which makes the game more exciting and fun to play.
  • Before loading fishing war, you will find 3 different levels and you are required to choose between Junior, Expert, Godlike.
  • In Fishing War, you will not find any paylines as it is an arcade game. However, you will get a cannon which will allow you to land some bigger wins. Here’s the catch, you will need to aim and shoot the special fishes. Look out for pirate ships as they have a bigger payout between 100x and 888x the stakes.

Play Fishing War now and start winning big!



Spadegaming - alien hunter

Fishing Game: Alien Hunter

Get ready for some real action in Spadegaming’s Alien Hunter Arcade game. This is not a slot machine but rather a video game whereby you can bet with real money as well as win real money. You can choose to use standard bullets or special weapons. You can purchase the latter by doing some sort of bonus purchase, but it costs some serious money. The advantage is that the larger the weapon, you can shoot larger monsters much faster.

Alien Hunter is a popular video game and has a unique theme and is fun to play. The screen is packed with creepy aliens and gadgets set against a funky soundtrack. It has a simple, clear cut as well as a vibrant coloured graphics. There is different game mode for you to choose from; junior, expert and godlike. The only difference between these play modes is the size of bet you are able to use and the prizes you will get.

In order to get rewards, you will have to shoot these aliens and wait for you prize. However, you will not always get a reward and each attempt might cost you the selected amount of money. The buy feature allows you to buy better weapons like Thermal Blaze, Landmine as well as Rogue Warrior. These weapons will help you to win rewards.

Play Alien Hunter now and win big!

Spadegaming - zombie party

Fishing Game: Zombie Party

Zombie Party is an online slot developed by Spadegaming. This is an animated zombie themed game which has a return to player rate of 96.5%. with 3 levels and an instant reward rather than a standard pay line wins. Furthermore, there are also special features include free hits and a variety of random prize bonuses.

Get ready for the biggest fight of your life whilst playing Zombie Party. It is charming mix of cartoon; video game and online slots and it is cleverly designed with so many options that will make it difficult for you to get bored. They have unique features that will surely attract your attention. Continue to read on cause we will be breaking it down for you in the most easiest to digest information:

  • Imagine you are at the shopping mall to pick up something then suddenly you come across an endless line of zombies, you are the brave person who has to take on the fight and save everyone from the apocalypse. For a more exciting fun, you can invite your friends to take on this strange zombie and win some credits as you go.
  • Players will get to enjoy a decent a return to player rate of a 96.5%.
  • Zombie party offers players a range of betting sizes which can start from the lowest stake of 0.01 credit up to a maximum figure of 10 credits.

FAQ About Zombie Party

When it comes to volatility of this slot, it is unknown.

A top bet of 10 credits per play and a x80 zombie is the best possible win during main game play.

Yes, Zombie Party has 20 free hits via the skull rider zombie.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you play at UEA8, a certified trustworthy online casino, then yes. Slot games found at a legitimate online casino will have had their random number generators (RNGs) verified as fair by an external auditor such as eCogra, and the casino itself will have strict security measures in place to protect your personal data.

Yes, Spadegaming software is compatible with all MAC devices. It does not require a dedicated client, which means all its slots will load directly within the web browser. This guarantees perfect compatibility across all major operating systems and popular devices.

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