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IM E-Sports is a e-sports betting platform that is built for the players. IM E-Sports was founded and developed by a team of professional e-sports players. They deviate away from the standard sportsbook module, IM E-Sports is designed for both players and fans of various e-sports games. The visual interface is both simple, efficient and stunning. Both gamers and e-sports fans will feel right at home with this product and placing wagers will feel like a second nature. They are filled with endless possibilities with customized integrations. IM E-Sports support both mobile, iOS & Android and website. IM E-Sports ensure you are able to place wagers for popular & massive multiplayer games like LOL, DOTA2, CSGO, Rocket League, Overwatch, and more.

IM E-Sports covers all major leagues and hosted over 10,000+ odd markets per month.

E-sports tournaments and matches are spread evenly throughout the year. The best news is that IM E-Sports covers all major leagues and players can expect over hundred matches per month with 10,000+ odds market made available to all. Below are some of the most popular games in the e-sports tournament and betting scene.

Online E-Sports Betting for League of Legends (LOL)


About League Of Legends (LOL) E-Sports

League Of Legends (LOL) is a team-based strategy game whereby two teams of 5 powerful players will face off to destroy the other’s base. As of April 2021, there are 155 champions that are available to play. Over the course of a match, the champions level up by accruing experience points through killing enemies. This game is often cited as one of the world’s largest e-sports composing of 12 leagues.

The domestic leagues culminate in the annual League of Legends World Championship. The 2019 championship had over 100 million unique viewers, peaking at a concurrent viewership of 44 million. Domestic and international events are broadcasted on live streaming websites like YouTube, Twitch as well as cable television sports channel ESPN.

League has multiple game modes; Summoner’s Rift, All Random, All Mid, Ultra Rapid Fire. Summoner’s Rift matches can last from as little as 15 minutes to over an hour. Though the game does not enforce where players may go, conventions have arisen over the game’s lifetime; typically, one player goes in the top lane, one in the middle lane, one in the jungle and two in the bottom lane. Other modes like All Random, All Mid is a 5 versus 5 modes like Summoner’s Rift but on a map called Howling Abyss with only one long lane with no jungle area and with champions randomly chosen for players.


League of Legends World Championship

The e-sports League of Legends season’s grand finale is the 2022 World Championship. In a months-long competition for the Summoner’s Cup, the event welcomes 24 teams from every region of the game.

This year’s Worlds will include 24 teams from around the world. The LCL will will not be able to send a participant to Worlds 2022. The region that has performed best in recent international competitions but does not already have four team entries will receive the LCL spot: Europe.

T1 was defeated 3-2 by DRX in the tournament’s decisive final series. This was both DRX’s first international championship win and the first one for a play-in team. Commentators frequently referred to DRX’s march to the finals as a Cinderella story. As the fourth and last seed from South Korea, DRX narrowly made it into the competition and was matched up against some of the tournament favourites.

League of Legends World Championship Betting

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Online E-Sports Betting for DOTA2

e-sports - dota2

About Dota 2 E-Sports

DOTA2 is a series of strategic video game by Valve. This series began back in 2003 and with the first DOTA being a fan-developed multiplayer online battle arena for the video. The original mod features gameplay cantered around two teams of up to five players who assume control of individuals characters called ‘heroes’. In 2013, a sequel to DOTA was released and this game retains almost the same elements as its predecessor whilst introducing to new supports and mechanics, as well as a setting separate from the Warcraft universe. DOTA2 is cited as one of the greatest video games of all time, with an e-sports presence hallmarked by the record-breaking prize pools that culminate in the annual championship known as The Internationals.

The Internationals

e-sports - dota2

The Internationals is an annual e-sports world championship tournament for the video game Dota 2 which was hosted and produced by the game developer, Valve. The first Internationals was held at Gamescom as a promotional event for the game in 2011. Since then, it has been held annually with the exception of 2020 due to the pandemic. This tournament consists of 18 teams; 12 based on final results from the Dota Pro Circuit and six more from winning regional playoffs from the North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, and Western Europe.

Since 2013, a battle pass system within the game has been used to crowdfund the tournament’s prize pool, with a quarter of all sales going directly to it. The single-tournament prize pool for internationals is the highest of any esports competition, with the highest amount surpassing US$40 million. The International 2022 winner Tundra Esports is the most recent champion. OG has won The International twice, making him the only repeat champion in the competition’s history.

The Internationals Betting

The Internationals 2021 is the ultimate end-of-year Dota 2 tournament. This tournament was created by Valve, the gaming company creator. This event has consistently made headlines all thanks to the enormous scale and exciting storyline. This year, the stakes are higher than ever as 18 teams will be competing for fame, glory, and a chunk of $40 million prize pool.

Now that you know a thing or two about The Internationals, it is time to get you to meet the betting guide. Well, the first question you may ask is where do I bet on The Internationals in the first place. Well, there is no shortage of e-sportsbook that offers betting odds. However, we proudly inform that UEA8 is a place you should think of when you want to bet on The Internationals.

The odds tend to change from time to time, you have to check on sites that will give you the best offers. You also might want to take advantage of the specific features and generous promotions. It is always great to have a quality bookmaker that offers you the best odds and generous promotions. Here at UEA8, we are pretty much a well-rounded e-sportsbook. You can expect a 24/7 customer service, solid bonuses, best odds as well as generous promotions.

Online E-Sports Betting for CSGO

e-sports - cs go

About CS: GO

Counter-strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is a multiplayer first person shooter developed by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment. It is the fourth game in the Counter-strike series, developed for over two years, Global Offensive was released for Windows, MacOS, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in August 2013 and for Linux in 2014. The most common game modes involve the terrorists planting a bomb while Counter-Terrorists attempt to stop them, or counter-terrorists attempting to rescue hostages that the Terrorists have captured.

There are nine official game modes, all of which have distinct characteristics specific to that mode. The game also has matchmaking support that allows players to play on dedicated valve serves. In addition to community-hosted servers with customs maps and game modes. This game has an active e-sports scene, continuing the history of international competitive play from previous games in the series. Teams compete in professional leagues and tournaments, and Global Offensive is now one of the largest global e-sports.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championships

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championships commonly known as the Majors sponsored by Valve, the game’s developer. The first CS:GO Major took place in 2013 in Sweden with a total prize pool of US$250,000 split among 16 teams. Since then, the Major circuit has expanded significantly, with recent tournaments advertising a US $2,000,000 prize pool and featuring twenty-four teams from around the world.

Starting in 2013, the top eight teams from each Major will earn an automatic berth to the next major. These teams are called Legends. The other eight teams are called Challengers, were decided by regional qualifiers, mainly from Europe and North America. A small number of teams have been directly invited or earned attendance from a last chance qualifier to fill final open spots when necessary.

CS:GO Major Championships Betting

CS:GO Majors is the definition of the top-tier CS:GO events. These events are as exclusive as they are prestigious, and that is a perfect combination for the growing e-sports industry. That is why, in this article, we will be telling you how you can bet for these major championships.

With 24 teams’ competition, it is hard to predict who is going to be the biggest favourite this event. Given the fact that odds have not been released yet, we can agree that only a couple of teams are going to be favoured to go all the way and lift the major trophy. Both gambit and natus vincere have been stellar in 2021 and they will for sure play their hearts out in this event.

Popular Betting Types

Having a chance to use various betting markets is very important and here is why. A straight match winner is way too simple in today’s age and day. Bets such as round handicap, correct score, pistol round winner, etc, are crucial as they are giving us a chance to exclude the winner of the match and actually find value in something besides the team that is going to win.

Round Handicap

Sites like UEA8 provides excellent analysis and statistics regarding map pool analysis for all matches played at this CSGO Major tournament. By scanning through that information, you can find map pool gaps for certain teams and abuse this bet to the fullest. For example, we all know that Natus Vincere is perfect on Nuke. On the other hand, ENCE is not really strong on this map by using a round handicap bet, you can get significantly higher odds for your bet.

Correct Score

If you want to make great money while major betting, you cannot simply miss out on this bet. remember when we said that there are going to be a lot of unbalanced regional matches played? This is where the correct score bet comes into place, regular odds for big favourites often range from 1.05 to 1.20. however, if you want to place a bet that the favourites are going to win a match without losing a map, this bet will increase the odds by a lot.

Total Maps played (Over/Under)

Last but not least, we talked about the level of competition in the later stages of PGL Major Stockholm 2021. We also know about the fact that the teams will be preparing like never before this event and this is why we want to recommend ‘total maps played – over’ for the playoffs matches. It is no joke that once $2,000,000 is on the line. This is why teams will always pick their best maps and they will avoid experiments.

Online E-Sports Betting for PUBG

e-sports - pubg

About PUBG

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground otherwise more known as PUBG is an online multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by PUBG corporation, a subsidiary of Bluehole. PUBG is a player versus player shooter game in which up to 100 players will fight in a battle royale, a type of large-scale last man standing deathmatch where players fight to remain the last alive. Player can choose either to enter the fight solo, dup. or with a small team up to four people. The last person or team standing wins the match. There are two types of PUBG; PUBG PC and PUBG Mobile Version. Both are very well received by gamers worldwide.

PUBG Global Championship

The PUBG Global Championship is the final event and the World Championship of the 2021 Competitive Season was organised by PUBG Corporation. There will be 32 teams from four different regions that have gone through a year-long of fierce competition. The PUBG Global Championship began its journey with a rank decision match on the Nov 19 and ending on a Grand Final ending on Dec 19.

The PGC 2021 starts with a rank decision matches on the Nov 19 as teams fight for entry positions 1st through 32nd for the upcoming Weekly Survival. Prior to the rank decision matches, teams will be divided into four groups. Then the group selection will take place once teams have been invited to Korea have completed their quarantine. The results will be announced via PUBG e-sports website approximately a week before the rank decision. After the group selection, teams will go through a full league to compete with one another. Based on the outcomes of the Rank Decisions, teams will be lined up from 1st to 32nd to prepare for the Weekly Survival series.

The Global Championship Betting

In the PUBG e-sports calendar, no tournament is bigger or better than the PUBG Global Championship. This international, valuable and exhilarating tournament features the world’s greatest PUBG teams fighting it out on the ultimate stage. In 2021, the PGC is to be hosted in Incheon, South Korea, by the PUBG Corporation. It’s the final event of the year for the PUBG, and fans have been waiting almost two years for it. If you are looking to make some money with PGC, keep reading.

There is no doubt that PUBG global championship is one of the biggest e-sports events in the world. If you know a little about these teams, your PUBG global championship betting odds will improve immeasurably. These teams are made up of the best PUBG players in the world, without questions.