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What Is Sports Betting / Sportsbook Asia?

Sports Betting is an activity of predicting sports results and placing a wager on the outcome. The frequency of sports bet upon varies by culture, with the vast majority of bets being placed on association Football, American Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Track cycling and more. Sports bettors can place their wagers either legally, through a bookmaker/sportsbook, or illegally through privately run enterprises.

Today, online sports betting Asia has become an increasingly popular choice as it is safe from legal action.

Stigma Around Sports Betting

Is sports betting based on a game of luck or skill?

We would say that there’s both luck and skill. Some things can be done to improve your chances of winning at sports betting. The first thing you need to know is that every sports betting is to understand the risk per bet. Read on for short tips, basics and mistakes to avoid whilst betting in sports.

Sports Betting Asia

Just like any other country, Asian players are also interested in sports betting. Online Sports Betting Asia has become an increasingly popular choice as it is safe. Below are some of the most famous sports that players bet on.

Uea8 - Sport Betting Asia


Before you start betting on football, it is important you should know that there is a wide variety of different aspects to the game that you can customize your bet. Most football bets will be based on the number of points earned by each team. Well before you place your bets, you must first decide on which game to bet on, the team you would want to bet for and the amounts of points that can potentially be scored.

Uea8 - Sport Betting Asia


Basketball betting is one of the fastest-growing sports gambling markets out there, with a global audience and superstar appeal drawing the attention of new fans learning how to be on NBA games. The fast-paced flow and exhilarating swings make basketball one of the most fun sports to wager on.

There is no shortage of basketball betting options during NBA season or college basketball schedule. There are multiple providers which will allow bettors to wager on their favourite teams as well as bet on the big games on TV each night.

Uea8 - Sport Betting Asia


Tennis is specific but easy to analyse. With the right financial strategy and a convenient betting game model, the game will bring in a good profit in the long run. Tennis Betting is also in demand due to the availability of specialized sports strategies that can be easily combined with financial game models.

If you look at how many wagers are made on each sport, you would understand that tennis is the second most popular after soccer.

Uea8 - Sport Betting Asia

American Football

American football is a team sports played by two teams of eleven players on a rectangular field with goalposts at each end. It is also known as gridiron and can be referred to simply as football in Canada/United States – whichever you prefer!

It is not hard to see why American football has become so popular. The game can be volatile and exciting, with wagers on both teams as well as individual players during the season at Coral.

Asia Online Sports Betting & Sportsbook

Why betting sports online? Perhaps you may want to earn and be entertained at the same time.  The wide variety of game selection is fulfilling and furthermore, the tough competition bring excitement to players too. Though it requires more effort and time to see an increase in earnings, calculating odds, and levelling up your convenience. No worries as UEA8 are considered one of the best places to bet on sports.

Before online casino, we all need to go to the establishment where sports betting takes place. However, that’s not the case anymore, today, you can now place your bets over the internet. This is all thanks to operators as well as providers. By placing your bets online, it is quick, convenient, and easy. All you need is a stable internet and a trusted online casino.

Best Online Sports Betting Site In Asia

UEA8 should be your go-to option for sports betting players. But what makes us different than the rest? Well since its establishment back in 2018, UEA8 have been steadily climbing on the trust of players and online gamblers and slowly we have become one of the top trusted online casinos in South East Asia. Here at UEA8, for our sports bettors, we provide great services like Live TV which provides HD free Live Streaming for ongoing matches. So, you do not have to subscribe to any tv stations to watch any matches when you can just stream it on UEA8.

Furthermore, sports fans who wish to bet for their favourite team shall not look any further as we also provide sportsbook services. That being said, we partnered with some of the biggest providers like CMD368, MAXBET, SBOBET, M8BET are amongst the top providers we partnered with. Furthermore, in order to increase your wins, UEA8 provides bonuses and promotions especially for sports betting like 5% Unlimited EPL Betting and EPL betters may stand a chance to win big prizes like PS5, iPhone and more.

UEA8’s Asia Sportsbook Products

If you are lucky with tennis, badminton or other games, you can choose those sports as well. However, we do not encourage on just fully relying on luck. Smart players always know that you need a strategy and luck both. Instead of thinking about losses, spend your time to research and study on which team will have a greater chance in winning as well as their past winnings. At the end of the day, those efforts will pay off once you start receiving winnings.  

cmd368 - Sport Betting Asia

CMD368 is one of the biggest and leading sportsbook providers online in UEA8. It is a bookmaker company that offers multiple sportsbooks to different gamblers all around Asia. Players from all around Asia can now bet on multiple sports on this platform. Ever since its establishment, CMD368 has always been fair and well-regulated. One main thing about players who love sportsbook, they always sought-after choices like Over & Under, Mix Parlay, Asian Handicaps, Correct Score, 1X2 Fixed Odds, Special Outright Betting, Odds & Even and Total Goal. Furthermore, the security for CMD368 is of a premium level and licensed. This means that the company can be trusted and you will be in good hands thus ensuring a good peace of mind.

maxbet - Sport Betting Asia

Maxbet or otherwise known as Saba-Sports is another top sportsbook provider in UEA8. As one of the largest sportsbook operators in Asia, MAXBET is one of the biggest bookmakers around the globe. Due to its high betting limits, they have world-renowned attractive odds and live betting offers. Furthermore, MAXBET has a reputation for being a world-renowned bookmaker. The site provides different languages including Simplified Chinese, English, Thai, Italian, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. MAXBET is an ideal site for those who wants great live betting odds. This website is intuitive, user-friendly and easy to navigate. It is also mobile-friendly. You can access MAXBET on your windows PC as well as mobile phones (iOS and Android).

Shobet - Sport Betting Asia

SBOBET otherwise known as S-Sports is also another leading sportsbook provider that partnered with UEA8. As one of the most trusted sportsbook operators in Asia, it quickly became Online Asian Gamblers’ favourite. SBOBET has a great reputation for being a world-class bookmaker as this site allows customers to bet on any kind of sports from soccer, basketball, American football, hockey, rugby, volleyball, boxing, handball and more. Furthermore, SBOBET also provides great high betting limits along with attractive odds as well as great live betting offers. Furthermore, it is also mobile-friendly to gambles who use iOS and Android.

M8Bet - Sport Betting Asia

M8Bet partnered with UEA8 Asia to give you the perfect site to bet on sports. It is known as one of the most reputable suppliers of online sports betting services in Asia. Furthermore, this bookmaker is capable of gathering and analysing data, monitors coefficients and manage resources over the internet. As football is considered as one of the most be on sports in the world, M8BET also have multiple other sports besides football, like basketball, American football, hockey, rugby, volleyball and more for you to choose from. M8Bet also provides services live scores, matches and live centres as well as statistics for you to monitor and look over. So, what are you waiting for? Bet with M8Bet with UEA8 now today.

BTI - Sport Betting Asia

BTI-Sports is one of the most reliable online bookmakers in Asia that ensures security and fun when you are betting for your favourite sports team. Unlike most of their competitors, they do not put all of their eggs into BTI-Sports. They first came into existence during the year 2007 and now they have made a solid ground for themselves as one of the leading bookmaker for online sports bettors.

UEA8 Casino for Sports Asia

Ready to take your sports predictions to the next level? UEA8 E-Wallet Casino is your ultimate destination for exhilarating sports betting action! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to turn your sporting knowledge into big winnings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

UEA8 provide multiple trusted and licensed sports betting bookmakers to our sports bettors. Furthermore, we also have simple and easy to digest tips for beginners who wish to start betting on sports which can be found on our sports betting blogs.

Sports betting is one of the widely spread form of gambling. At UEA8, we collaborated with multiple bookmakers like CMD 368, MAXBET, BTi-Sports, SBOBET and M8bet to give you the ultimate experience when it comes to betting for your favourite teams and players during tournament season.

While it is not a walk in the park, but there are some ways and tactics that can help you earn profit while betting on sports. Even the most professional sports bettors will still lose wagers occasionally. What is important is that you will develop your sports betting strategy and bank roll strategy so it gives you the best chance to make money over time.

Well, it does not matter if you are new to sports betting or a seasoned player, there is always a room for improvement. Learning how to bet on sports is easy. However, if you want to go a step further, you need to know that just betting on sports is not enough, you will need to know how to bet successfully.

Successful betting takes a great commitment, you will have to learn the theory behind it and put it into practice. There are two things that are fundamental in ‘beating the bookmaker’; learning how to handicap the market, practicing a good bankroll management.

Furthermore, there are strategies in betting for sports; always choose a good sports betting site. As such UEA8 always reassures you a good and trustworthy platform and provider for you to place your bets with ease. Being a successful sports bettor comes down to making your own picks, using your own research and following your own gut instincts.

Sometimes, there will be a team or a player that the analysts are not high on but you firmly believe is going to pull off the upset. This is known as a sleeper pick. Picking sleepers can be profitable in all aspects as long as you follow some general guidelines and tips with them. It is essential that you manage your money well, always know when to stop betting after a certain period. Do not make this mistake, if you can’t properly manage a bankroll, and stick to some rules about how much to stake and when.