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Which one will get you to win more? Online Casino or Land Casino

In Las Vegas, casinos are closing down at such a high rate that there’s a website launched to monitor which establishment closes down next. Smart casino owners are turning their platforms into hotels, night clubs or shopping malls. But some of the businesses are going down never to be seen again.

So, what is going on in Vegas? Are people ditching land-based casinos and starting to favouring online casino sites? Forbes Magazine believes so, Online Casino are easier to run and produce better return investments, at least for successful companies. However, the decision of whether to play at an online casino or in a land-based establishment isn’t exactly obvious. Read more in order to get a detailed explanation.


The Glitz and Glam of a Land-Based Casino

Between the extravagant displays. The stylish tables, the tons of slot machines and crowds of resellers; land-based casinos deliver memorable experience. Of course, not all casinos provide the same service. Some establishments thrive through excellent hotel services, whilst others are more dedicated to offering splendid casino offerings. Either way, being at a land-based casino provides an extraordinary experience to dine and uniquely cherish gambling games.

The Social Aspect of Land-Based Casino

Except for professional gamblers, most people who travel to land-based casinos go there to have fun with friends. Some companies even have an annual general meeting in Swanky Las Vegas establishments. After all. Blackjack and poker are more exciting when playing against friends.

By comparison, online casino gaming can be immensely lonely. For people who only play slot games or RNG table games; you can pretty much play online with your own computer or mobile devices. Fortunately, casinos have been changing this aspect of their games thanks to the rise of multiplayer gaming.

Similar to video games like Fortnite and FIFA, casino players can go head-to-head on blackjack, poker, roulette and other table games but by default, you must have a mobile device/laptop and play at a trustable and licensed online casino.

If you want the real table game with human dealers’ experience near similar to land-based casinos. Live casino provides the social entertainment players traditionally received from land-based establishments. The live chat will be provided for live casino players to interact with their live dealers and other live casino players.


The convenience of Online Casino

So, what matters more to you? Having an immersive gaming experience even if it means driving for six hours or the comfort of your own home? If you would rather relax on your couch on a Sunday afternoon, you will love online casinos. With the best online casinos, you can play over 100,000 casino games that will give you real money. You could play slot machines, blackjack, roulette, poker, lottery numbers or James Bond’s favourite casino game; baccarat. In adding to your convenience, you do not need to walk around with a huge amount of cash to bet on an online casino game. As long as you have a mobile payment application, you can deposit money and cash out your wins hassle-free.

The ease in selecting games

Not only do e-wallet online casinos provide hundreds of games, but they also make it extremely easy to select games to play. Games are categorised in numerous ways. You can choose slots, table games or go straight to live dealers.

If you want to be precise by playing that specific game, then you can use the search icon to search your games. if you are unsure of what games to play, online casinos also allow you to choose popular games, new selection or choose titles based on their software providers.  

At land-based casinos, choosing games isn’t outright difficult, but its more challenging than online. The casinos usually have a ton of slot games arranged in multiple columns. So, before you can find a specific game, it could take a few minutes.

Comps vs. Bonuses

One of the best parts of taking regular gambling trips to Las Vegas is that you receive complimentary gifts frequently. The specific rewards you receive vary on the land-based casino you visit, but mostly you get free drinks.

If you bet substantial amounts of money; land-based casinos can also give you free parking access to recreational lounges, free hotel rooms and free food for you and your friends. High rollers on the other hand receive the best deals as they could have their air charges reimbursed, access to private gaming rooms and cash rebates.

Online casinos also have rewards for their customers. But as opposed to only giving out prizes to regular casinos, they also award bonuses to newcomers. You could receive complimentary gifts as well as 20 free spins on any popular slot machine as a welcome gift.

Loyal customers or VIP customers will receive grand complimentary gifts like flight tickets, fancy gadgets, relaxing spa day and etc. This is a gift back to loyal players who has been there with the online casino and has been consistently depositing and playing with them.

Security and customer support 

Back when the land-based casinos are operated by mafias, people used to fear of their safety. Some people still have concerns about travelling with thousands of cash to land-based platforms. That’s despite the advanced security measures installed by establishments.

By comparison, you have nothing to fear or when gambling on a legitimate online casino. You can deposit $ 10 of $1000 to your account. And if you win tens of thousands of dollars, the money will be wired to your bank account conveniently.

When it finally comes to customer support, online casinos do not lack, for example, UEA8 has experienced 24/7 Live Chat Customer service. You can ask any inquiries or get technical help immediately you experience a problem. That’s a much better way of having your issues resolved than dealing with the hassles of customer support at some land-based establishment.

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