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Alien Hunter Spadegaming Fish Shooting Game

Alien Hunter: Fish Shooting Game 

Are you fond of shooting games online, well here is a new game for you to enjoy. It is a fun and entertaining game called Alien Hunter by Spadegaming. It is considered one of the most played and in-demand shooting or arcade games online. This game keeps players well-entertained and provides an opportunity to win a considerable amount of profit. It is not just any normal online shooting game, if you are not familiar with this game then keep reading.

About Alien Hunter Fish Shooting Game

If you crave for some real action in arcade games then Alien Hunter is for you. It is not like any typical slot machine game but an online video game where you can bet with real money and win profit as well. Just choose the level you are comfortable in and begin to hunt aliens. 

You will be deploy with standard bullets. As you progress into the game, you can purchase special weapons or bonus weapons to help you shoot larger or stronger aliens. The main perk of buying a stronger weapon helps you to shoot down bigger aliens as fast as possible thus making more money. So, just shoot as fast and as many as you can to win amazing prizes. 


Gameplay and Overview 

Alien Hunter is a popular video game by Spadegaming. It has a unique theme and is fun to play. As you enter the game, it is filled with creepy aliens and gadgets set against a funky and unique soundtrack that keeps you entertained. Although the game seems easy at first look, there are some amazing bonuses that you will have to keep an eye on. 

Before starting a game, there are three levels you can choose to play from; junior, expert and godlike. The only differences between these play modes is the size of bet you are able to use and the prizes that you will get. The minimum bet is 0.01 whilst maximum is 10. 

Alien Hunter Features 

This video game from Spadegaming, like other fish shooting games in UEA8 comes with many lists of basic symbols. The basic symbols stand for diverse aliens as well as offer specific layouts. In order to get your rewards, then you will need to shoot these aliens and wait for your price.

You can purhcase great weapons like Thermal Blaze, Landmine as well as Rogue Warrior. The weapons mentioned can help you win rewards. Keep in mind that you are able to shoot targets manually by choosing them, automate your shooting, or switch between single or double bullet shots.

They also have special tools to assists you hunt aliens:

  • Target: Just shoot the targeted alien
  • Auto: Pick from a list of creatures to auto-target each they come into the screen
  • Double: Double the bullets to increase the damage
  • Torch: Burn aliens for better effect

Strategies to play 

To become successful in playing, there are some tips that you will have to follow. These tips worked on some players so why not give them a try as well to improve your chances in winning. 

  • Always make sure you use special weapons and standard bullers.
  • Buy special weapons in order to increase the chances of winning even though it may cost you some money.
  • The bigger weapons will allow you to kill aliens as fast as possible thus leading to a high reward or prize. Thus in order to obtain incredible wins, play Alien Hunter now. 


If you are bored of the usual video game then Alien Hunter will change the routine. It is not like your typical slot game but it is a thrilling video game where you are able to bet with real cash and win real money. One of the best features of this game is that you may choose your difficulty and get started right away.

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