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UEA8 E-Sports Betting Guide

E-sports betting has become one of the many popular forms of gambling in the recent years, with the rise in e-sports popularity especially among the youngsters.  Most of them are now making bets on e-sports matches and tournaments especially during seasons. There are many different aspects to this kind of betting. So, whether you are just getting started or an experienced gamer looking for more information as to how it works, this guide will introduce to you all the basics for this competitive betting type.

UEA8 Best site to bet for e-sports 

Well, if you are looking for a place to bet on your favourite e-sports team, look no further as many Singaporeans can agree that UEA8 is the best online e-sports betting site. We partnered with the best e-sports betting provider; IM E-Sports to give you a wide array of different types of games and events for you to choose from. The provider popular and massive multiplayer e-sports betting games like League of Legends, DOTA 2, CSGO, Rocket League, HearthStone, NBA 2K, Overwatch and more. Additionally, you do not have to visit any land-based venues because all of this will be at your fingertips. 

Everything You Need to Know About E-Sports Betting

E-sports betting refers to the concept of betting on gaming as a professional sport. Having started out a few years back as a niche area of betting, it has risen rapidly. As a result, it has risen up from the underground to be included within the online sportsbook of some of the biggest brands in Singapore like UEA8.

In keeping up with great demand, a great many ‘traditional’ online sportsbook has chosen to incorporate e-sports betting into their platform. Thus, offering you the chance to bet on a number of popular e-sports and leagues.


How Does An E-Sports Betting Site Work?

So, the question now is how they work. Beginners are better off using a sportsbook site that already offers general sports betting. The good news is that the process of betting doesn’t differ too much. You have both pre-match and in-play betting with the odds either displayed as fractions or decimals.

When it comes what you want to bet on, you can filter between sports, event and leagues, just as you can with most other sports. The difference comes in the types of bets that you’ll place with esports when compared to other sports.

IM E-Sports


Inplay Matrix or IM E-Sports is famous for offering unmatched services and products only from the most reliable game developers. E-Sports is a billion-dollar industry where one can check out the best games played by the top international players in competitions. E-sports competition is of professional players trying their luck playing it on multiplayer modes and competing with global champions. They can do it by playing individually or as teams.

Furthermore, UEA8 also provide Live Streaming services so you can watch the tournaments in HD and for free.

Types of E-Sports Betting

The types of bets that you can place on e-sports differ depending on your game and/or competition of choice. For example, on games like CS:GO, you’re going to be betting on the number of kills or flags. With DOTA 2 first blood is a popular bet amongst others. If you are going to get yourself fully invested into e-sports betting, then you are going to need to get to know the best teams and players for the games you’re interested.

Studying e-sports players and teams records is quite easily done thanks to sites like Twitch. Additionally, these sites tell you the number of hours a player has spent on them, so you can get a good idea on how much practice they’ve put in ahead of a big event.

When it comes to teams you can keep a close eye on how they work. Just as is the case in team sports like football. Some e-sports teams from games like DOTA2 will rotate their squad. For example, they may use their weaker players for early competition stages or smaller tournaments, but bring out the big guns when it really matters.

How to bet on e-sports

Betting on e-sports is just like betting on traditional sporting events. In e-sports, the most basic known form of betting is match winner or match win, also referred to as Money line bet, Head-to-Head, Straight and many other terms depending on your preferred online betting sites.

Betting odds representing the probability of a given outcome, which in our case is the outcome of our favoured e-sports team winning. Odds can be represented differently depending on where in the world you are betting from. As e-sports played with international audiences, there are several odds formats used by betting sites to express betting odds; decimal, American (also known as moneyline) and fractional. Depending on where in the world you are from and which site you sign up, you will have to learn how they work prior to betting. 

Basic Match Win Betting in E-Sports

So, we will be breaking down the three basic factors every punter needs to consider before placing the bet.

  • Format – the odds format the Internet bookmaker/sportsbook you have chosen uses – decimal, fractional or American.
  • Odds – The actual amount the bookmaker/sportsbook will pay out a winning wager, together with the required stake.
  • Bankroll – the amount of real money you wish to bet.


Just like in every other sport, race and novelty category, people place real money bet on. A variety of factors such as your knowledge of the teams playing, their skill levels, quirks, individual strengths and weaknesses and even favouritism influence your final decision as to which outcome is the better bet.

Basic Types of e-sports bets  

These are the main betting markets available in the majority of e-sports video games at Internet and mobile sportsbook.

  • Draw – you will be placing bets on whether the outcome of the match results in a draw.
  • Group of winner – You will be placing a bet on the group that contains the overall final winner of the entire tournament.
  • Group winner – Betting on the winning group of the specific tournament.
  • Handicap bet – When a sportsbook places a set margin (The Line) which gives an unfavorable team a small advantage (usually in the form of rounds) and effectively places the game on equal footing. It is only available when there are only two possible outcomes (two teams). You are placing a bet on whether the team with the handicap advantage or disadvantage wins.
  • Outright Winner – You will be placing a future bet on which team will be the overall winner of the tournament.
  • Over/Under – You are placing a bet on the number a sportsbook predicts for a particular statistic in a given game; whether the actual number in the game is either higher or lower than the bookmaker/sportsbook’s odds.
  • Region Winner – You are placing a bet on the specific region the winner is from, if the tournament separates them by region.
  • Total Rounds – you are placing a bet on whether the overall match will go over or under a certain number of rounds.

Essential strategy before betting 

Know the game – there is no point putting hard-earned cash down on a team or player if you aren’t familiar with the competitiveness of a gameplay of top-tier e-sports game like CS:GO, League of Legends. It may sound absurd but there is an alarming rate of casual e-sports fan jumping the bandwagon straight into placing bets without sufficient knowledge of the game in question. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the excitement or the assumed simplicity of placing a straight bet on the most popular team. Often times you will walk away with massive losses and disappointment.

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